Nadine Dorries: a blogging leader

Ah, Nadine Dorries. MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, pro-life campaigner and blogger extraordinaire.

It can be hard when you set up what is, for all intents and purposes, a business blog. Most CEOs I know with a ‘blog’ get their comms people to write it. It’s generally harmless and contains snippets of what the leaders think of certain issues or which conference they recently went to or a product they are particularly proud of. There are some that are fantastic and are written by the CEOs themselves. They generally have space for people to comment, whether it’s an internal or external blog, and sometimes the comms team/CEO actually respond. Some don’t – Dorries’ blog had its comments facility disabled a while ago as she was feeling a bit of heat from a ‘stalker’ (read a perfectly acceptable level of questionning from blogger Tim Ireland and she didn’t want people to continue to question her on her blog).

But what really separates Dorries’ blog from most business blogs is that she has recently admitted she’s been lying to her constituents and the public for years now. Her excuse? She wanted to make her constituents feel that she cared about them and reassure them as to her level of commitment to the area.

Um. I would assume that now they know that she lied about where she was constantly, they don’t feel reassured any longer? I wouldn’t. How the hell does lying reassure people when you are going to use the lie as a defense against an expenses scandal?

Is Ms Dorries really stupid? Or instead…. really stupid? I literally cannot think of any other reason she would admit that her blog is mostly lies, written to lull her constituents into a false sense of security, that they had an MP who actually cared.

Why has this woman not been sacked yet? I would say discredited, but I think she’s doing a bang up job of discrediting herself.

One last thing I wanted to mention on this subject: her attack on a member of the public and a constituent, who is awaiting two operations on her feet for arthritis, and who tweets and blogs to keep in touch with people as she cannot get out and about as she once could. She was an in-house carer for adults. Dorries suggests (with the help of the icky Guido Fawkes) that she gets a job as she must be a benefit cheat. However, do you know many jobs that can a) be done from home all the time and b) don’t need any further skills other than being an in-house carer? Because I don’t. Some jobs can be done from home, jobs like freelance journalist, research assistant and… I’m running out of ideas. But none of these jobs would freely be up for grabs by someone trained as a social worker who helps the elderly walk up and down stairs, bathe and pop to the shops. Is Dorries so out of touch with reality she can’t see that?

In conclusion: dear lord, why is anyone even taking Nadine Dorries seriously any more?


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