No pay ’til Xmas

Today is the last day women get paid for the year.

When you look at the gender disparity in salary, it is the equivalent to women working the rest of the year for free – that’s 59 days of free labour – as on average, women get paid 16.4% less an hour than men. This rises to a huge 55% less a year in the financial sector. Another scary stat from 2009? While 9 out of 10 single parents are women, they get paid just 56% of what single fathers get paid.

Equal pay doesn’t just affect women, it affects families. It doesn’t just affect your wallets, it affects self-esteem. Paying someone less for an equivalent job shows that you think they are worth less – and in this case, it’s because you don’t have a penis and any attributes that apparently that appendage brings.

Well, I say bollocks to that (pun intended). I deserve to be paid as much as a man if I do the same job just as well. And anyone who says differently is an antiquated idiot.

Sign the Fawcett Society’s petition here. Learn more about Equal Pay Day here.


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