Speaking of liars…

… there is a great post on Nadine Dorries here by the wonderful David Allen Green, aka Jack of Kent.

I commented in reply to some people saying that lying is a great way to get rid of an alleged stalker:

As far as I’m aware, Dorries didn’t tell the Commission that she lied on her blog because of alleged stalking, she clearly said that it was to make her constituents feel reassured. You would have thought that if the stalking was real, she would have mentioned it as a good reason for lying on her blog, but as she didn’t during the inquiry, it’s logical to rule it out as another piece of fiction.

But all this talk of alleged stalking is besides the point: Dorries willfully misleads constituents and her peers condemned her for it. I would respect her a lot more if she admitted it and then made a clean start on her blog and apologised, rather than now attempting to walk it back. I could believe she mid-spoke, but as she’s now saying the blog is 100% true, I think I’ll take everything she says with a pile of salt.

Either she’s lied to constituents or she lied in court. Which would you prefer? Because I don’t want an MP that does either.


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