I’m a loser, baby

It’s been a shitty week here in Lake Working Girl (props for people getting that reference). I’ve managed to make what should have been a small mistake that got turned into a huge one by senior managers scared for their jobs. It doesn’t help that this week we began to talk about our plans of how to deal with the CSR in terms of residents and staff.

I’m afraid that staff are going to lose.

Which is, really, as it should be in a local council. Except that nearly half of our staff are residents and we are the second biggest employer in the borough. So while we talk about getting residents into jobs, we’ll be cutting jobs, continuing with a recruitment freeze and changing terms and conditions so no one will want to work here anyway.


Of course, I don’t know why our senior managers are worrying. A whispered idea of a pay cut of 5% for those top 150 has been conspicuous in its absence. Instead, staff will be losing holiday days and working hours will go up. It seems that the Tory way of doing things is the ‘natural’ way in any organisation that has a few people in power over many.


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