‘Tis the season

Huzzah! So this quarter, private sector growth in jobs will more than offset the numbers being made redundant in the public sector. This is great news!

Oh. What’s that you say? Companies hire people for temporary work and then shed jobs in the spring? Leaving companies back at the same levels of employment rates? Ah.

And temporary work stocking shoe boxes for the Clarks sale doesn’t exactly shore up the 12 years of working at a government Quango doing research or project managing, nor does the minimum or just above minimum wage that these seasonal jobs offer do anything to help those that have mortgages and children to support and have been made redundant due to the public sector structurally changing.

I would suggest, actually, that this is the kind of work you want to ring-fence for those on long-term benefits. They get a taste of work for two months, they get the pride and self-respect that goes along with getting a job, but they don’t have long-term pressure, and that hopefully means that they’ll take up more work offers in the future. Surely that’s better than picking up litter on the side of the road for their benefits? Push them into the seasonal jobs instead.


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