Tales from local government

So the recruitment freeze is leading to an upsurge in agency jobs, eh? How did no one see that coming? More to the point, why did no one think ‘hey, agency staff are relatively expensive, we should probably think about having some form of exemption from the recruitment freeze for those in a critical service’. I mean, even the local council I work in has figured that out – in fact, they’ve moved all their agency street cleaners to permanent staff to save on money. And we have a ban on hiring of agency staff and consultants – something that is saving us far more money than a simple recruitment freeze.

Just another example of how this Tory government is in it together with you.

There have been more fun and games at Barnet council this week as someone in their comms department does something monumentally stupid and adds an apostrophe.

I rely on my Penguin book of grammar to help me through any sticky linguistic issues, but I also rely on the fact that I was taught grammar, I read a lot, and I get two people to proof anything before it goes to the stakeholder, never mind the printers. I know it happens, I’ve seen it happen in our comms department in our twice-monthly magazine, but never on a poster with so few words on it. That’s just special. Although props to them for essentially shrugging and saying ‘fuck it’ as it would cost £2,000 to reprint.

Finally, it’s been a highly excitable time in my place of work, what with one of my stakeholders deciding he doesn’t like the triple-signed-off intranet design and asking me to get our designer to redo it. I’m trying to get the fact that it will cost us about another £5-10k and be another two months before going live into his head, but I fear this may be a losing battle. This, my friends, is why god invented the gin and tonic in a can.


One response to “Tales from local government

  1. That reminds me of a time I procued hundreds of posters for a RBS profit share call centre campaign … with the wrong year on them. Painful, but at least the mistake wasn’t blazoned across a bus. Ouch.

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