Legal Aid consultation

I’ve had my say about the proposed Legal Aid reforms here – now go read (it takes a loooong time to wade through it all) and tell them what you think. My two mains points (other than the whole women and divorce thing) were:

  • the lack of funding for employment tribunals. While I agree that there is some alternatives, in cases of severe bullying or harassment, an employee may not feel protected unless they have some form of legal support or representation. These cases can have severely affect mental health and in some cases lead to suicide, so I would argue that quality of life and in fact, life and death are at stake here, so I ask for a clause for those who feel that their life has suffered other than financially because of the situation.
  • Legal Aid for those contesting Welfare Benefits. If the government are planning on taking away benefits and installing an pointless and frankly, insulting, test for those on incapacity benefits, I do not think that they should be taking away Legal Aid to contest this either. Essentially that will keep the poor poorer, or force those on waiting lists for transplants in work where they could be seriously injured, or those that are suicidal in a dead end job where their depression gets worse. They are taking away their money and then taking away and recourse to fight for it and that’s plain wrong.

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