Bad week, good week

The evening I wrote that last post, I went out flyering to try to find my lost cat. I slipped down some icy steps and twisted my left ankle and right knee, as well as hitting my hands and arms.

So I’m now at home with my legs up, having to hobble around and basically feeling physically awful. To compound matters, I keep bursting into tears every few minutes because my cat was hit by a car and died and I found out yesterday.

So I’m essentially a wreck. Of course I can have two final interviews on Thursday and Friday, that should be no problem.

I honestly have no idea what karma is doing. Maybe in a previous life I stabbed a  person and saved their sister in the same week or something, and this is now the result.


One response to “Bad week, good week

  1. Get well soon, hon! So sorry to hear the news, too. 😦

    – Miranda on behalf of Team BR x

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