Nail biting

At some point this blog will get back to dissecting media stories and various employment issues, but for now, this is all about me me me.

On Friday, I was offered a job. It’s with a very cool agency, where they place people with blue chip companies for a period of time for a specific programme or project. It could be a week, six months, or two years. And while it is most likely to be in London, I could go and advise companies in Europe or the US.

Now, the weird bit is that due to the snow, I had a phone second interview and did my exercises at home (I timed myself for I am a swot). I didn’t have to get dolled up and go and impress, I simply had to sound knowledgeable. Apparently I did so as I’m going to be a Senior Consultant, but it seemed a little unreal. Like it didn’t really happen.

I wrote my resignation letter yesterday and waited for my new agency to email me confirmation of my job offer. I even emailed them to ask if they’d managed to get hold of my referees. And yet I have no written confirmation of my job offer and I’m beginning to worry.

I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m sure that they’ve been tied up in meetings and their HR are being crap. But dude, I turned down a perfectly good charity Head of IC role for this, working with people I liked and got on with, so for the love of god, don’t balls this up for me now.


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