Last day

It’s my last day in the office and I’m about to let my soon-to-be ex-colleagues have this blog address. Always worrying. This is why I keep my Twitter and blog secret to colleagues and why I never mention my workplace’s name or incriminating details. Nothing worse than feeling you have to censor yourself.

It’s that strange feeling I get when I leave somewhere – sad to not be seeing the people everyday, excited to be moving somewhere new, happy to be leaving some of the shitty politics behind and not a huge amount to do. I always want to be able to pop in the following week to make sure everything is ok. I wish I could say it was dedication, but it’s most likely my control freak peeking out.

Anyway, the sun’s come out to greet me and there’s an article I must blog about regarding youth unemployment and I’m going to get hammered tonight. Things are looking up.


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