Football has balls, you know

Have just seen the Sky/female linesman story and yelled at my TV. Now, I know that this is football, where men are men (once summed up by someone as 22 sperm chasing one egg) but this, this my friends, is the tip of the fucking misogynist iceberg. This is only being an issue because it’s taped and so blatant, it couldn’t be ignored. Commenting on her appearance and thinking she won’t know the rules and be bad at her job happens all the fucking time, from government (hey, journalists that mention when female MPs wear a bright colour and that coined the term ‘Blair Babes’) to the City, where several women I know have suffered sexual harassment and daily comments on their breasts.

I just want to point out that I, who works communications, know the fucking offside rule: you are offside if there is not a defender (besides the goalie) between a player and the goal when the ball is played forward in the opposition’s half.

I also want to point out that the Sky commentators are cunts.


One response to “Football has balls, you know

  1. Just belatedly read this post.


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