New job nerves

I start my new job tomorrow. I’m quite nervous. Essentially, my job before last I had a manager who bullied me horribly until I was a shadow of my former self and cried a lot. My most recent job had an evil Director who hated me for no real reason and I now have an irrational fear that my judgment isn’t sound because if I checked with other people, that was apparently the wrong thing to do, and if I made a decision, that was also the wrong thing to do.

So I have less faith in myself that I used to. But I’ve learned a lot and know way more than I did. I know that everyone fucks up at work on a fairly regular basis, and I will fuck up from time to time. I guess I just have go in and fuck up with enthusiasm and a good sense of humour!

I just hope that tomorrow goes well and I get a good placement. I hope I don’t fuck up that much. I hope the Tube runs ok. Erk. Cross your fingers for me.


One response to “New job nerves

  1. I start a new job too, on Monday!
    For largely the same reasons :-/

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