The Comms Measurement Con

Right, that’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m sorry, but my job is not rocket science. There are no huge mysteries to unlock – sure, it’s a struggle trying to engage contractors, or trying to reach remote workers. But really, do we need to wank on so much about measurement as if it’s the Holy Grail that no comms professional has found and only high-costing events can show us?

Melcrum, IABC and the IoIC all fall foul of this – they tout bloody Sinickas around like some form of preacher, but her top tips amount to nothing more than common or garden sense. Any communicator worth their salt knows to run surveys, knows to invite feedback and gather verbatims, knows to give out review sheets after events, to count hits and click-throughs, to hold focus groups. That’s our sodding job, and anyone not doing that or thinking about doing that has no bloody business being in comms.

Perhaps that’s the issue. Going back to my previous rants about unqualified people being put into comms (it’s not unheard for comms to go to a PA as a ‘development opportunity’), perhaps it’s the fact that comms is full of people without this basic comms knowledge.

I just wish that people wouldn’t shell out hundreds of pounds for events and instead maybe run a Google search, talk to a nice fellow comms professional, or use their own sodding common sense.



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