About this working girl

I’m a turning-thirty Internal Communication Manager who started off in the world of PR. I went to Edinburgh and came out with a 2.1 MA in History of Art and English Literature, neither of which prepared me for work or has been useful other than in my personal life. I love working and am fascinated by workplace psychology.

The crux of my blog is how work is necessary, how we jump through hoops to get it, how most of our education appears to be in pursuit of it but strangely isn’t very valuable once you get into the world of work, and how people, from your company to the government treats those in work and out of work. And crucially, this is about engagement – I have found myself now working in Employee Engagement (well, Internal Comms but I prefer to think of it as Engagement) and I see so much happening around me that actively disengages people.

So this blog will look at stories in the press about work, tales from other blogs, tales from friends and from my own place of work (which will be never, ever mentioned by name, thank you). It will also, because I can’t help it, touch on the media and how it misleads people, politics and feminism, because I find it hard not to talk about these areas. In particular, being a woman at work has to be the viewpoint I write from, so I’m sure I will touch upon gender disparity and things such as caring duties and how they affect work and careers.

I live and play in London, but in the opposite ends, so my commuting time is spent blogging and reading books, and, if I’m honest, playing Angry Birds.  I live with my boyfriend and we are ruled by our two cat overlords.

‘When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.’  Henry J. Kaiser


One response to “About this working girl

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